Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"Imagine if you would: Religion and the X-Files" (11/2001)

Imagine, if you would:

The world is under attack from an extraterrestrial force, not of this Earth. Those in charge deny there is a problem, deny that there is anything wrong. In fact, unbeknownst to us all, those in charge are collaborating with the enemy.More than just collaborating: they are acting as the enemy's fifth column, propagandizing to us the notion that this alien foe is really our friend, and that we should joyously embrace eternal servitude to this monstrous force.This sounds like the theme of the long-running TV series "The X Files," or the plot from a new Oliver Stone movie, doesn't it?Except it's the way things really are in this world, and the way they have been for centuries.The extraterrestrial force is God. The collaborators are the God whorshippers who tell us, despite all evidence to the contrary, that God is good, worthy of our devotion and supplication.They tell us, despite all the evil God has wrought upon us (and all the good he takes credit for that happened naturally with no assistance from him), that we should whorship him, obey him, fall in line and accept him.

Did Chris Carter (creator of the X-Files) present us with a literal description of the UFO phenomenon as factual history? Or was he offering a metaphor for the way God and his whorshipers have crushed the spirit of mankind for millennia?

Does it make you wonder? Probably not. Most people are so fixed in their intransigent mindsets about the obvious goodness of God that they would never give thought, despite all evidence, to the notion that God might not be what he says he is.


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