Monday, May 19, 2003

My Dad's first and only post to this weblog

Welcome to the Maltheism WebLog.

Maltheism is a belief system whose main tenet is that God exists, but is not "good" (as he claims to be) but rather is wholly evil. Maltheists, in general, believe that the Bible is genuinely the "word of God," but like an autobiography of a scurrilous scoundrel or horrific dictator, the "spin" offered by the text is of necessity biased and needs to be examined with an objective eye. The self-contradictions and hypocrisies rife throughout the Bible demonstrate that God's word cannot be trusted. He exhorts people with commandments like "thou shalt not kill," then orders these same people to kill in his name (or does the deed himself--often blaming it on his mythical patsy, Satan.

There is no "doctrine" of maltheism but there are a number of beliefs shared among people with similar ideals. We do not know whether God is in fact the "creator of the universe" or whether this is just a title he self-aggrandizingly bestows upon himself. Even if he is that "ultimate" creator, of course this does not confer upon him any "rights" over us, as many of his followers might want us to believe. We do not know if God is genuinely omnipotent (this is another of his claims) but he certainly has a strong desire to see us to whorship him and adore him. One might justifiably conclude that God is lying about many of the attributes he claims to have, including omnipotence and infinitude. Clearly he feeds greedily on our whorship, and demands it from us in "exchange" for his NOT harming us, much like a school bully would demand your lunch money in "exchange" for his not beating you up. But who among us would deem the school bully a "saviour" because he refrained from beating you up after you gave him your lunch money! God calls himself a "saviour," but what is he "saving" us from? Why, his own wrath! He invents a world in which we "need" saving--from his wrathful acts against us--for "crimes" of his own imagining (ie, "sins," which are mostly nothing more than things God doesn't like... this week!). Then, he says he can "save" us from his elective voluntary wrath--if we just whorship and praise him.

Maltheism certainly shares a lot in common with many other belief systems.

  • Gnosticism - The Gnostics believe(d) that the God people whorshiped was really a demiurge, a false God who sought to enslave us, and that Jesus was sent by the REAL God to save us from this false God's wrath by teaching us how to get to the "real" God. But if this real God were all he was cracked up to be, wouldn't he just stomp on the evil false God who sought to enslave us. No, unfortunately this sounds like just another shell game--if this were indeed the scenario, we'd have two rival deities seeking the same position of power. Once we "overthrow" the "false" God and install the new one... wouldn't we be in the same boat all over again? Is reality just a tag team wrestling match between two great incorporeal a-holes?

  • Satanism - Most Satanists, contrary to popular belief, do not believe in "being evil." They do not whorship Satan as a deference to evil; they believe, like Maltheists, that God is a sick and twisted liar and that Satan (alias Lucifer--a name which means light bringer) is really on mankind's side AGAINST this bully deity. But this is really just Gnosticism viewed in another way--the "real" God being Satan, and the "false" God being the God mankind unfortunately whorships. Again, is reality just a WWE pay-per-view event of God vs. Satan? (Personally, I believe there is no Satan, that he's just God's imaginary patsy, much like Immanuel Goldstein is Big Brother's imaginary patsy for everything that goes wrong in Orwell's 1984.)

  • Atheism - Of course, atheism simply asserts that there is no God--and with good reason, if you base your arguments on logic, evidence, and the use of Occam's Razor. But for many of us, there clearly appears to be a WILLFUL force in the universe that supplants physical laws at its convenience, thwarting humankind's efforts to work together and accomplish great things. Many atheists look at the Bible and say "if God wrote this stuff, he is a great big liar and not whorthy of whorship." Of course, they would be right in this--but many conclude that "thus" God does not exist. But this is not a valid logical conclusion--the only conclusion you can make from reading the Bible as God's word is that God, if he exists, is not at all what he says he is.

I invite you to visit the links on the right hand side of this page. The Maltheism forum on Beliefnet is a good starting point for learning about Maltheism and talking to other maltheists. There you can find the Introduction to Maltheism. Visit the other links you see on the right for more information.

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